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Surgical Oasis Institute Dr. Iraniha an Orange County Surgical Center. We introduce a revolutionary approach to provide robotic surgery, laparoscopy hernia repair and body contouring care based on high quality patient care and outstanding patient experience. This innovative approach has allowed us to develop and promote an Orange County surgical center of excellence in the community. The idea is to combine the advantages of the latest medical and robotic surgical technology with the outstanding patient experience by restoring the essence of humanity such as compassion, human connection, care and kindness back to the patient care. Incorporating these qualities with advanced minimally invasive surgical approach has created a Surgical Oasis Institute one of the best Orange County Surgical Center in the area of Orange County California.

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Dr. Iraniha

Surgical Oasis Institute Dr. Iraniha

Dr. Andrew Iraniha is one of the pioneers in advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgery in Orange County, California. He earned his medical doctorate degree in 1991 from the Tehran School of Medicine and was the top-ranked graduate in his class of over 400 medical students.  In 1994, Dr. Iraniha moved to the United States to complete his general and laparoscopic surgical training at two of the nation’s most prestigious medical centers; the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, California and the UCI Medical Center in Orange, California. Read More About Dr. Iraniha at Orange County Surgical Center.

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At Surgical Oasis Institute, an Orange County Surgical Center, It`s all about creating an oasis for patients to seek the best surgical care they deserve with remarkable human experience just based on the truth.  Every elements of our program, from the time of the first phone call for an appointment, to the time of discharge from our care, reflects the truth about our vision and belief. Our innovative approach is based on creating trust, providing excellent robotic surgery care, laparoscopy hernia repair, body contouring procedures and creating an incredible experience by using the latest techniques to educate our patients, other healthcare professionals and people in the community. Our unique health care services at Orange County Surgical Oasis Institute  are one of the best experience…Read More

Dr. Iraniha

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Dr. Iraniha - American Board of General Surgery
American Board of General Surgery
Dr. Iraniha - American College of Surgeon
American College of Surgeon
Dr. Iraniha - Clinical Robotic Surgery Association
Clinical Robotic Surgery Association
Dr. Iraniha Orange County Medical Association
Orange County Medical Association
Dr. Iraniha - Society of Robotic Surgery
Society of Robotic Surgery
Dr. Iraniha - UCI Surgical Society
UCI Surgical Society

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Ray Bruno
Ray Bruno
23:45 03 Jan 23
I just returned from my final check-up and have been cleared for normal activities and just wanted to say that I could not be more satisfied with the entire surgery process and aftercare. I was diagnosed by my doctor with a ventral hernia and an umbilical hernia. My doctor also said that the large protrusion from my abdomen was diastases recti or separation of the abdominal muscles. I was sent to a surgeon who said that they could fix the hernias but not the diastases recti. I went to another... surgeon who said the same thing and added that if I wanted the diastases recti fixed, I would have to go to a plastic surgeon. Both of these surgeons also explained to me that they used mesh in the repair of the hernias, which caused me some concern. Both surgeons also explained that no amount of exercise will fix diastases recti and that surgery was the only definitive fix. I knew that in addition to repairing the hernias, I did want to have the diastases recti fixed because it felt like my core strength was seriously compromised and I did not want to have mesh left inside of me. I looked extensively on the internet to find a surgeon and kept running into the same thing, if you want to fix diastasis recti, then you have to undergo a tummy tuck, which I did not want to do. I then came across Dr. Iraniha at Surgical Oasis Institute and discovered that he performed hernia repair and diastases recti repair without having to undergo a tummy tuck. I made an appointment and Dr. Iraniha and his staff thoroughly went over everything with me and were very patient as I asked an endless amount of questions. After my initial appointment I set up a date for surgery which was in his surgical suite and was just an outpatient surgery. I went home that day, and the very next day, which was Saturday, Dr. Iraniha personally called me at home to see how I was doing, went over what I should expect over the next few days, and gave me his cell phone number to call him if I needed anything. I am thoroughly happy with the surgery and the care that I have received from Dr. Iraniha and his entire staff. I only wish that I had found Dr. Iraniha earlier. I lived with this for 2 years, in almost constant pain to my abdomen and back that not only affected daily activity but also made it hard to sleep at night. I am now at 6 weeks post surgery and while I still have some slight pain from the surgery the sharp pains from the hernias are gone and the abdominal pain and back pain from the diastases recti are gone. I know this is long but this surgery has made such a huge difference in how I feel. Thank you again to Dr. Iraniha and his entire staff at Surgical Oasis Institute for the excellent care before, during, and after this more
DeeJay Doff
DeeJay Doff
06:08 23 Nov 22
If you’re researching doctors, then look no further. You would be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable, skilled or caring physician than Dr Iraniha. When it comes to surgery, you want someone with an impressive track record and Dr Iraniah’s extensive career doesn’t disappoint. He was among an early vanguard of doctors in the US pioneering laparoscopic hernia repair and has been honing and refining his surgical, laparoscopic and robotic-assisted techniques ever since. It’s only fitting that... such a fantastic doctor be paired with a staff that’s equally responsive and genuine. I felt completely at ease and cared for leading up to and after my hernia surgery by Dr Iraniha’s wonderful bedside manner and professional staff. His passion for treating patients isn’t a localized phenomenon, either. Dr Iraniha is a proponent of global change within healthcare (do a quick search for PHPEP) and it shows in everything that he does. Even a simple call to me, a couple days after my surgery, to check on my progress demonstrates how thorough and thoughtful his approach is. I couldn’t have been luckier to find Dr Iraniha and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of his more
Mehrandokht Kalantari
Mehrandokht Kalantari
07:02 19 Jun 22
I am posting this review on my father’s behalf. My dad, Naser, had hernia for years and it was bothering him a lot more for a year. When my dad had an office visit with Dr.Iraniha, he diagnosed that my dad’s abdominal muscles were weak and separated. The surgery was scheduled and no matter how I was worried, but dr. Iraniha put me at ease that everything would go well, and it really did! My dad was in good hands. Dr. Iraniha and his staff were so amazing ,friendly, and helpful! Dr. Iraniha... is a great surgeon, very self confident and a real and honest doctor with his patients.. He took his time to explain the procedure to me and my dad and mentioned that the surgery would be a robotic one. He did an amazing job and now in six weeks after surgery, my dad feels very healthy. Dr. Iraniha is highly recommend to whoever needs to be treated by an intelligent surgeon. Thank you so much Dr. Iraniha for all your wonderful more
Teresa Basich
Teresa Basich
00:49 11 Dec 21
I went to Dr. Iraniha to have my gallbladder removed and he and his staff were wonderful every step of the way! This was my first surgery and I was very nervous, but his team took time to answer my questions and the surgery went very well. My recovery has been incredibly smooth and I couldn't have asked for a better experience, from pre-op to post-op. Highly recommend him and his team!
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