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Surgical Oasis Institute Dr. Iraniha an Orange County Surgical Center. We introduce a revolutionary approach to provide robotic surgery, laparoscopy hernia repair and body contouring care based on high quality patient care and outstanding patient experience. This innovative approach has allowed us to develop and promote a center of excellence in the community. The idea is to combine the advantages of the latest medical and surgical technology with the outstanding patient experience by restoring the essence of humanity such as compassion, human connection, care and kindness back to the patient care. Incorporating these qualities with advanced minimally invasive surgical approach has created a Surgical Oasis Institute one of the best Orange County Surgical Center in the area of Orange County California.

Dr. Iraniha

Surgical Oasis Institute Dr. Iraniha

Dr. Andrew Iraniha is one of the pioneers in advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgery in Orange County, California. He earned his medical doctorate degree in 1991 from the Tehran School of Medicine and was the top-ranked graduate in his class of over 400 medical students.  In 1994, Dr. Iraniha moved to the United States to complete his general and laparoscopic surgical training at two of the nation’s most prestigious medical centers; the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, California and the UCI Medical Center in Orange, California. Read More About Dr. Iraniha at Orange County Surgical Center.

Our Story

Surgical Story

It was 2012.  It seemed that I was on top of my game.  I was healthy and fit, with a beautiful family.  I loved my wife and children, had great relationships and was surrounded by good friends.  I was successful in my profession with impeccable reputation and comfortable earnings.  But there was something missing in my life. I didn’t feel content.  Everyday felt like yesterday.  It felt like I was losing my energy, my zest, my enthusiasm. I was not depressed at all but I thought there should be something beyond ordinary in life, something more meaningful to make me feel alive again. Then I remembered the time that I was taking care of my grandfather during the last few months of his life. Read Our Full Surgical Oasis Story

Unique Services

Surgical Oasis - Unique Services

At Surgical Oasis Institute, an Orange County Surgical Center, It`s all about creating an oasis for patients to seek the best surgical care they deserve with remarkable human experience just based on the truth.  Every elements of our program, from the time of the first phone call for an appointment, to the time of discharge from our care, reflects the truth about our vision and belief. Our innovative approach is based on creating trust, providing excellent robotic surgery care, laparoscopy hernia repair, body contouring procedures and creating an incredible experience by using the latest techniques to educate our patients, other healthcare professionals and people in the community. Our unique health care services at Orange County Surgical Oasis Institute  are one of the best experience…Read More