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Newport Laparoscopy

Newport Laparoscopic


Newport Laparoscopy offers the complete spectrum of robotic, laparoscopic and general surgical procedures for our patients with an emphasis on minimal invasive surgery. Our mission is to provide our patients with a compassionate, comprehensive and high quality surgery program. Dr. Iraniha guides this center to ensure successful outcomes.

We pledge to use the most up-to-date surgical practices, combined medical knowledge and the utmost concern for the wellbeing of our patients, and to offer premier surgical care throughout community. Our goals are to be on the cutting edge of technology, deliver quality outcomes, provide excellence in service delivery and provide leadership roles in the healthcare community.

Newport Laparoscopy was founded by Andrew Saeed Iraniha, MD, FACS in 2000. Since that time, Newport Laparoscopy has provided State of the Art surgical care for our patients with offices located in Newport Beach, Irvine and North Orange County. Our center is regarded as one of the premier general surgery practices serving Orange County.

Newport Laparoscopy headed by Dr. Iraniha offers over 14 years of experience. Our surgeons and staffs are committed to our patients and take pride in the work that we do and welcome you to our practice.

Total Hernia Repair Center

Total Hernia Repair Center


The Total Hernia Repair Center is one of the first centers in the region dedicated to the repair of abdominal wall hernias. As a Center of Excellence, we specialize in the accurate diagnosis and complete repair of both simple and complex hernias. We use the most advanced technology and the latest robotic, laparoscopic and open techniques to provide the safest and most effective hernia surgery available.

At the Total Hernia Repair Center, we believe that effective surgical care begins at the time of the first visit. We pride ourselves on patient education and a surgical plan that is tailored to meet individual needs.

Our commitment is to provide the most comfortable and durable hernia repair. This requires a thorough evaluation of the patient for accurate hernia diagnosis and a customized repair for each individual based on their age, general health, hernia type and physical demands in their daily life. There is a vast array of different techniques and devices used to repair hernias. At Total Hernia Repair Center, Dr. Iraniha has substantial experience with all of these hernia repair techniques. His experience and concern for his patient’s outcome plays a critical role in the choices of surgical recommendation for a given individual.

This customized approach helps us to achieve a durable and comfortable outcome. Reduction of post-surgical pain, quick recovery and prevention of recurrence are the highest priorities for our center.

Surgical Oasis

Surgical Oasis Institute


At Surgical Oasis, we introduce a revolutionary approach to provide surgical care based on high quality patient care and outstanding patient experience. This innovative approach has allowed us to develop and promote a center of excellence in the community.

The idea is to combine the advantages of the latest medical and surgical technology with the outstanding patient experience by restoring the essence of humanity such as compassion, human connection, care and kindness back to the patient care.

Incorporating these qualities with advanced minimally invasive surgical approach has created a surgical oasis.

It is a multifaceted experience with physical, psychological, moral and social dimensions. Scientific knowledge, keen skills, sharp mind and steady hands are crucial to treat the illness but the art of medicine and humanity is equally important. We are responsible to heal the illness, not just the patient`s disease and in order to do so we must combine the advanced medical and surgical treatment with compassion, connection, care and kindness.

Our goal in “SURGICAL OASIS” is to restore the essence of humanity in our patient’s care and incorporate the latest surgical treatment and technology to deliver an outstanding patient experience with highest surgical quality.

Oasis 4Humanity

Oasis 4Humanity


In recent decades there have been significant changes in health care system and how medicine has been practiced. Health care is a giant, mysterious machine, with increasing policies, procedures, cost-containing regulations and maximizing efficiency efforts. The priorities in health care have changed and allowed much less time for interactions among patients and health care professionals. Therefore, their angelic relationship has been crumbled and a mistrust has been created. The medical practice in majority of cases is algorithm base medicine with a little or no flavor of humanity. This has resulted exhausted and unhappy health care professionals and dissatisfied patients. In order to alleviate this problem we must restore the humanity in our care. The four most important pillars of humanity that must be applied in our practice are compassion, connection, care and kindness. By merging the high quality patient care with the essence of humanity we could treat the patient illness, create an outstanding patient experience, capture the patient’s heart and soul and develop a long lasting loyalty and trust. However, creating a remarkable patient experience in health care is connected and interdependent on health professional experience which requires a universal movement of change in the culture of the healthcare towards humanity.

This blog is advocating for the restoring the essence of humanity into health care. The idea is to share ‘stories’ of compassion, human connection, care, and kindness with colleagues and our patients. The acknowledgment of these acts would encourage us to do more, to promote our bond for an incredible cause and improve our relationship with patients.

Sharing the stories of humanity towards the patient and towards other member of the health care team might be more crucial now, than ever before.