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Orange County Diastasis Recti Repair

Orange County Diastasis Recti Repair by Dr. Iraniha. Diastasis recti is a separation of midline abdominal wall muscles called rectus abdominis muscles (six pack muscles). There are two rectus abdominis muscles located in the front of the abdominal wall and they are attached to the rib cage on the top and pubic bone at the bottom. These muscles are responsible to flex the trunk (bring the chest toward the pelvis during abdominal crunches) and are extremely important structures for core stability and strength. These two muscles are individually wrapped in a durable, resilient fibrous connective tissue called rectus sheath, tightly adhered to each other in the middle of the abdomen and create a vertical line called linea alba (white line). This line creates the appearance of the vertical line of the six pack muscles in an athlete and essentially consists of a very thick fibrous band between the two rectus sheaths. There are conditions such as pregnancy and obesity associated with over stretching of this thick fibrous band, causing separation of the two rectus abdominis muscles from each other. This anatomical abnormality is called diastasis of rectus abdominis muscles or diastasis recti. In other words, in this condition the thick fibrous band is stretched so much that it turns to a very thin and wide fibrous sheath between the two rectus abdominis muscles. In our At our Orange County Diastasis Recti Repair Center, patients usually present with abdominal wall bulge without any pain (common after pregnancy called baby pooch), but some patients complain of lower back pain, instability of their core muscles and bad posture due to weak core strength. This condition is different from hernia. What is Hernia? Hernia is a defect in the abdominal wall muscles and has the potential for major life threatening complications such as incarceration or strangulation of bowel, but in diastasis recti there is no true defect in the abdominal wall and the overstretched thin fibrous layer between the two rectus sheaths protects the intraabdominal structures from the incarceration. However, diastasis recti is usually associated with hernia and if it is not addressed during the hernia repair procedure, it can increase the risk of hernia recurrence.

Orange County Diastasis Recti Repair & Tummy Tuck Procedure

Numerous abdominal exercises and training programs have been reported for tightening the abdominal wall laxity, improving the core muscle strength and perhaps diminishing the baby pooch and abdominal bulge after pregnancy. These training programs certainly improve the overall core muscle strength, but diastasis recti is an anatomical abnormality and does not improve spontaneously or with any type of exercises. There are variety of surgical techniques such as open surgery vs minimally invasive procedures available for repairing the diastase recti.

Tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck (open surgery or abdominoplasty) is one of the many different techniques for tightening of the abdominal wall muscles. At our Orange County Diastasis Recti Repair Center this procedure, initially a transverse incision is created in the bikini line and the skin is separated off the muscle all the way towards the rib cage. Subsequently the diastasis recti and associated abdominal wall hernia are repaired and the abdominal wall is tightened. The excess skin is then removed and new belly button is reconstructed.

Orange County Diastasis Recti Repair Surgery Alternatives

Minimally invasive or Laparoscopic Hernia repair of diastasis recti is a new surgical alternative for repairing the muscle laxity and diastasis recti (separation of rectus muscles) through only three small incisions in the bikini line. Even though, this technique has some limitations as how much the abdomen can be tightened and how much the abdominal bulge would improve, but it offers less postoperative pain, less scar and faster recovery. This procedure is exclusively done at Surgical Oasis Institute by Dr. Andrew Iraniha who is one of the pioneer of performing the laparoscopic repair of diastasis recti at our Orange County Hernia Repair Center.

Choosing the best surgical option usually depends on the size and extent of diastasis, presence of extra loose skin and excess fat as well as patient’s expectations. At Surgical Oasis Institute, Dr. Iraniha has an unique expertise in all available surgical techniques including open vs minimally invasive surgery to repair the diastasis recti and after a comprehensive examination and surgical discussion prior to the surgery, the best surgical option would be offered for each patient.

Dr. Iraniha has been doing surgery for more than twenty two years. Some of his surgeries have been complex, critical and at times even lifesaving which are extremely rewarding. But aesthetic surgery could also be rewarding, especially if it’s done right. It’s extremely fulfilling to change someone’s life by transforming his or her body back to an aesthetically pleasing condition. For example, looking at the journey of a patient with significant changes in her abdominal appearance after multiple pregnancies and witnessing her transformation back to her naturally beautiful contour is priceless.

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