Abdominoplasty by Dr. Iraniha

Excess skin and fatty tissue as well as abdominal wall laxity are the common problems in our society. Advancing age is associated with decrease in metabolism, hormonal imbalance and decrease activity which could lead to excess fat deposit and laxity of abdominal wall muscle. There are other conditions associated with the same problem including pregnancy, hormonal imbalance and genetics, but poor quality life style and nutrition are also important factors. The excess fat and skin with abdominal muscle laxity could create an unpleasing body shape and contour and negatively affect people’s self-esteem.

Conditions, like obesity, pregnancy, genetic and advancing age, lead to excess fat deposit in different areas of the body, extra skin and laxity of abdominal wall muscles and create an unsightly and unpleasing body shape and body contouring. Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a surgical procedure to tighten the abdominal wall muscle and remove the extra skin to reshape the abdominal wall to more pleasing contour. Since majority of patients have excess fat as well as laxity of the abdominal wall muscle, this operation usually combines with liposuction and lipo sculpture. However, there are patients with athletic, thin abdominal wall, especially after multiple pregnancies who just have muscle laxity with no extra fat “mommy pooch”. These patients are a great candidate for mini-abdominoplasty which through a smaller lower abdominal wall incision the abdominal wall muscle would be tightened and the extra skin would be removed

Abdominoplasty and human anatomy

Abdominoplasty requires an understanding of human anatomy, form and aesthetic ideals. The underlying skeletal framework, muscle mass, tone, volume and distribution of fat would determine the human form and the lines, shapes and curves define the human aesthetic and represent essential cues to vitality, strength, reproductive health and youthfulness.

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