Robotic Surgery by Dr. Iraniha

Laparoscopic surgery was a revolution in surgery and changed the way we approached the surgical problems. Over last thirty years and after overcoming so many roadblocks, laparoscopic approach has strongly demonstrated the ability to save so many lives by decreasing the morbidity and mortality and improving patient`s quality of life by decreasing their pain, hospital stay and recovery time. However, robotic surgery is another revolution in the surgical history. Robotic platform, not only has eliminated the inherent limitations of laparoscopic technology in regards to instrumentation and visualization but also has opened an unlimited horizon for advancement in surgical technology.

Since six years ago, I have closely witnessed the amazing effect of this approach in my patients` outcomes.  Robotic platform has allowed me to perform the difficult surgical tasks with ease, more precision and less trauma. These benefits have translated into less post-operative pain and faster recovery for my patients. I have been able to perform the procedures that normally would have been extremely difficult or sometimes even impossible to carry out with laparoscopic technique with robotic platform. This has allowed me to offer the minimally invasive surgery to more patients in my practice with even more complex surgical problems. Robotic surgery also has changed my view and perspective towards the different types of hernia defects and how we should repair them. Now in my practice, I do perform the majority of patients with inguinal and ventral hernias with robotic approach. This approach has been associated with less post-operative pain and faster recovery in my patients even more significant than laparoscopic technique.

The Benefits & Procedures of Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is an amazing surgical approach to minimize the trauma of the surgery and improve patients` outcomes, but it requires special expertise and needs to be done with robotic expert surgeon . To get to this expertise, the surgeon needs to believe in real benefits of robotic approach and dedicates his or her time and effort to practice and perform more robotic operations to overcome the obstacles and pass the learning curve. However the transition from an open or laparoscopic surgeon to a robotic expert may not be as easy for everyone and just as a laparoscopic expert, a robotic expert needs to have the “X factor” which would separate the “Good” from the “Expert” robotic surgeon. The “X factor” is multifaceted and is related to the surgeons` “hand-eye-video” coordination, their understanding of the anatomy while they are behind the console, their ability to maximize the use of robotic platform including the instrumentations and other benefits during the robotic surgery, their knowledge of the potential complications and problems that might occur during robotic surgery and ability to solve them, their extraordinary leadership in the operating room even away from the patient while they are behind the console and their belief and perseverance in performing robotic surgery. For some surgeons these abilities come more naturally and faster than others but overall it requires desire, effort and practice.

At Surgical Oasis Institute Dr. Iraniha who has expertise in performing robotic general surgical procedures as well as all other methods and techniques including laparoscopic and open approach, would give the patient the best possible options and alternatives to reach the desired goals. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Iraniha, please call our office at (949) 646-8444 Thank you.

Robotic Surgery