Surgical Oasis Institute Unique Health Care Services

It`s all about creating an oasis for patients to seek the best surgical care they deserve with remarkable human experience. Every elements of our program, from the time of the first phone call for an appointment, to the time of discharge from our care, reflects the truth about our vision and belief. Our innovative approach is based on creating trust, providing excellent surgical care, creating an incredible experience and using the latest techniques of educating our patients, other healthcare professionals and people in the community.

The unique surgical services in our practice for our patients are:

  • Same or next day appointment for urgent problems
  • Generous time with your physician at every visit
  • Direct and immediate access 24/7 to your physician via cell phone, email and text
  • Commitment to providing the highest personalized care
  • Commitment to educating the patient fully and creating trust

The unique surgical services in our practice for our referring physicians are:

  • Direct and immediate access 24/7 for free curb side consultations via cell phone or text
  • Same or next day patient visits in primary physician offices for new consultations if requested
  • Commitment to providing the best personalized care for their patients
  • Commitment to providing early and direct communication with primary physician


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