Robotic Colorectal Surgery by Dr. Iraniha

Each year, more than 600,000 robotic surgical procedures are performed in United States to treat a number of colon diseases. Diseases of the colon and rectum that might requiring surgical intervention include but are not limited to diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s colitis, colonic polyps not amenable to removal by colonoscopy, tumors (benign and malignant), hemorrhage, as well as other entities. The robotic colorectal surgery procedures can be performed with minimally invasive techniques. A few special ports are inserted into the abdominal cavity through small incisions, the abdominal cavity is insufflated with co2 to create space to work and scope and special instruments are inserted into the abdominal cavity through the ports to perform the surgical tasks. By doing that a need for creating a large abdominal wall incision during open traditional surgery is eliminated and the surgical trauma to the patient is minimized. This technique is associated with less mortality and morbidity and better patient`s quality of life with less post-operative pain, less hospital stay, faster recovery and quicker return to work.

What surgical system uses to perform a robotic colorectal surgery

More recently, robotic colorectal surgery can be performed with robotic system. The da Vinci robotic surgery system is a robotic surgical platform designed to enable complex procedures of all types to be performed. The Da Vinci robotic system offers wristed instrumentation and enhanced visualization and allows the surgeon to perform the operation with more precision and even less trauma compare to laparoscopic surgery. There have been some potential benefits experienced by surgeon such as Dr.Iraniha robotic surgery expert using the da Vinci Surgical System over traditional laparoscopic approaches.

At Surgical Oasis institute, a discussion with Dr. Iraniha who has expertise performing colorectal related procedures and is familiar with all methods and techniques of robotic colorectal surgery would give the patient the best possible options and alternatives to reach the desired goals.To schedules a consultation with Dr. Iraniha, please call our office at (949) 646-8444 Thank you.

Robotic Colorectal Surgery