Open Hernia Repair Without Mesh

Usage of mesh in hernia repair surgery is associated with more durable repair with less risk of recurrence, however, there are situation that risks of placement of a mesh outweigh the benefits and repair of hernia without a mesh needs to be considered. At Surgical Oasis Institute Dr, Iraniha robotic hernia expert will evaluate the patient thoroughly to diagnose the hernia correctly and then the surgeon will customize the best option to decide if open hernia repair without mesh is needed to repair the patient`s hernia defect. This decision depends on the type of the hernia, the location and size of the hernia, the condition of the tissue surrounding the hernia as well as the other patient`s medical conditions.

Risk and benefits of open hernia repair without mesh

The surgeon also consider the risks and benefits of using the mesh in repair of the hernia and finally create a customized plan to see if an open hernia repair without mesh, repair the defect after thorough discussion with patient. There are patients with various types of hernias that could be repaired without using the mesh. For instance, a young athlete with a relatively small abdominal wall hernia and strong surrounding tissue could have a durable primary closure of the hernia defect without usage of a mesh or a woman who suffers a separation of the rectus muscle as well as midline abdominal wall hernia after multiple pregnancies could be repaired with plication of the rectus muscle and primary closure of the hernia defect without a mesh through a lower abdominal wall incision to not only hide the scar tissue but also remove the excess skin with a superior aesthetic result.

Surgical techniques for open hernia repair without mesh have continued to be refined in hopes of providing a repair with less chance of recurrence, less acute and chronic pain, less complications, faster recovery and better long term quality of life.

At Surgical Oasis Institute, a discussion with Dr. Iraniha who has expertise in repairing all types of hernias and is familiar with all methods and techniques of hernia repair would give the patient the best possible options and alternatives to reach the desired goals. Contact Dr. Iraniha today to schedule a consultation at (949) 646-8444

Open hernia repair without mesh