Fat Grafting by Dr. Iraniha

Aging is an unavoidable process which could be associated with significant changes in our body shape and contour including deflation of breast and buttock regions. There are also other conditions associated with similar problems including significant weight loss and post pregnancy. Fortunately, there are surgical solutions to restore, rejuvenate and accentuate these regions. These conditions, like obesity, pregnancy, genetic and advancing age which lead to excess fat deposit in different areas of the body, extra skin and laxity of abdominal wall muscles and create an unsightly and unpleasing body shape and contour. Fat grafting is a common surgical procedure to re-inject the fat that has already suction from the unwanted locations to the desired sites including the buttock region to enhance and improve the contour (Brazilian Butt Lift).

What is fat grafting?

Fat grafting procedure always associated with liposuction where the harvested fat would be re-injected into the buttock region to enhance the size, reshape and lift the buttock.
Body sculpting requires an understanding of human anatomy, form and aesthetic ideals. The underlying skeletal framework, muscle mass, tone, volume and distribution of fat would determine the human form and the lines, shapes and curves define the human aesthetic and represent essential cues to vitality, strength, reproductive health and youthfulness.
At Surgical Oasis Institute Dr. Iraniha who has expertise in performing fat grafting and Brazilian Butt Lift would give the patient the best possible options and alternatives to reach the desired goals. For more information and to Schedule a consultation with Dr. Irania, please call our office at (949) 646-8444 Thank you.

Fat Grafting By Dr. Iraniha