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New Healthcare System in Orange County Arrives with Surgical Oasis


Contact: ANDREW S. IRANIHA, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Address: 496 Old Newport Blvd., Ste 2 Newport Beach, CA 92663
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Tel. No.: (949) 646-8444
Fax No.: (949) 646-8388

The new health care system in Orange County has arrived with Surgical Oasis and is expected to improve health care services to its clients. This healthcare system is the center’s way of introducing a revolutionary approach in offering the best surgical care for all patients who have undergone major surgeries.

As there are major surgeries where outstanding patient care is needed, the Surgical Oasis Orange County Surgical Center now offers its services to make use of the most modern Robotic Surgical and medical technology that serves impressive patient experiences. This technology assures patients that they can recover from their condition in the best way possible. The center is merging advanced surgical techniques to deliver only the best patient experience.

The new surgical company, Surgical Oasis Surgical Center in Orange County, is restoring the essence of humanity when it comes to patient care. Aside from getting the ease of recovering from any surgical operations that patients go through, the center is also making use of the latest robotic techniques and equipment for performing minimally invasive surgical procedures. The center is where patients can experience a new level of security from the moment they undergo any surgery till the very moment that they have to be discharged from the center.

The best surgeons in Orange County offering their best services are expecting to create a surgical program with high quality patient care and remarkable patient experience. Also, patients would get the advantage of experiencing advanced medical and surgical treatment with compassion, connection, care and kindness.

Surgical Oasis Surgical Center in Orange County is where the latest and most excellent patient care can be experienced. They will be providing only the most humane and most comfortable patient care provided only by professionals. Remarkable patient recovery care is what the center offers and every patient at the center are sure to get the best care after their surgical operations.


For more information about the services of the company, feel free to visit Those who are interested with the services of the company or want to set an appointment, call them at (949) 646-8444.