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In this blog I’d like to share the latest news and information in regards to robotic and laparoscopic surgery. The mission of this website is to fully educate the patients and discuss their most common questions and concerns about minimally invasive surgery. Since the deterioration of patient physician relationship in our new medical system was the main reason to create this site, my goal is to restore the trust and loyalty among us by being extremely informative, caring and truthful. Enjoy!

Gallbladder Disease Educational Videos by Dr Iraniha

Gallbladder Disease Educational Videos

Gallbladder disease is a common problem in the world and at times it is underdiagnosed or even undertreated. The gallbladder is a small structure underneath of the liver and is connected to the liver via a common channel, called common bile duct. It is responsible to store a small portion of the bile that is produced by the liver.


Dr Iraniha - Gallbladder Disease Myth vs Truth

Gallbladder Disease – Myth vs Truth

Gallbladder disease is a common problem in the United States and approximately 10-15 percent of the adult population have gallstones. Gallstones are more common in women, older patients, and certain ethnic groups, and are associated with multiple pregnancies, obesity, and rapid weight loss.


Dr Iraniha - Hernia Surgeon

Dr iraniha introduction

I am Dr. Andrew Iraniha, Robotic, Laparoscopic, and General surgeon. I earned my medical degree from Tehran University in Iran. Then I spent 6 years of general surgery training at Harbor-UCLA and UCI Medical Center in Southern California and graduated in year 2000. Since then I have been in private practice in Orange County, California.…


Dr Iraniha-Robotic Surgery

A Clinical Report Of 100 Inguinal Hernia Repairs

Feasibility, safety, and reproducibility of robotic assisted TAPP inguinal hernia repair: a clinical report of 100 inguinal hernia repairs Andrew S. Iraniha, M.D., F.A.C.S. Newport Beach, California, USA Purpose: Conventional laparoscopic TAPP inguinal hernia repair is an established alternative to open hernia repair given equivalent outcomes and decreased post-operative pain and faster recovery. It is,…


Dr Iraniha

TAPP Inguinal Hernia Repair

Technical modifications for robotic assisted TAPP inguinal hernia repair Andrew S. Iraniha, MD, FACS ABSTRACT OBJECTIVES: Laparoscopic TAPP inguinal hernia repair remains a technically challenging procedure requiring advanced laparoscopic skills with prolonged surgeon learning curve. The robotic system has the potential to overcome these challenges. However, due to cost and the length of operation, using…